Elias Samson has been on the down low for quite some time. While he is not getting any support from the WWE for an in-ring return, Ringside News exclusively reported that the WWE superstar still remains in the “creative purgatory where talent that the creative team can’t find any angles for, due to one factor or the other, remain waiting. While he waited for his in-ring return, Elias did a little political donating.

The WWE superstar has been getting less and less activity from fans as well, since he hasn’t had an on-screen appearance in a long while. His fans, however, are always ready to react to any new update based on him.

David Bixenspan tweeted to call out Elias for donating to Drake Wuertz’s political campaign. The former NXT referee ran for Florida State Senate under very controversial set of platforms.

Subscribe to Fightful Select for details on whatever Sean found out, but I’ll throw in my own freebie: Elias donated to Drake Wuertz’s campaign for the Florida state house. (I’m not kidding. It’s in the public filings.)


Drake Wuertz is a former WWE NXT referee turned politician. While he’s campaigning for the Florida state house, he has been heavily criticized for his far-right political views, sometimes associated with Q Anon. WWE released Wuertz’s while conducting budget cuts, though he asserts it had something to do with his far-right affiliations.

The news of Elias donating to the former referee received negative reactions on Twitter. Fans took to posting their displeasure in a plethora of ways. It still remains to be seen how WWE fans will handle the news of Elias donating to Wuertz’s campaign.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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