Shelton Benjamin made his WWE main roster debut during the height of the Ruthless Aggression Era. Shelton joined fellow up and comer Charlie Haas as part of Team angle. One amazing spot still lives on as he jumped into a Superkick from Shawn Michaels, and fans still talk about it to this day.

It was in 2004 that Shelton began to receive his singles push in the company. A victory over Chris Jericho at the Taboo Tuesday pay-per-view event granted him his first singles title.

A year later, WWE booked Shelton in a singles match against Shawn Michaels. This match is considered to be one of the greatest matches in RAW’s history. The finish in particular is one of the best finisher’s performed in a wrestling match.

As Benjamin recalled during an interview with Fightful, he was confident going into the match against Mr. WrestleMania and found it super easy due to his past experiences with Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero.


“I mean, Eddie taught me so much in the ring, on the fly. So, working with Shawn was just like… everything was coming together perfectly. The finish was bonkers.”

The RAW star also revealed who came up with the finish of the match. Benjamin said WWE official Michael P. Hayes asked whether he could take HBK’s signature superkick while airborne.

“I believe it was Michael Hayes who just asked me, ‘Hey Shelton,’ Do you think?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah’. I remember when he asked me could I do it and I literally said, “Tell me where you need me to be and I’ll be there.”

Despite putting on a solid performance, Shelton lost the match to Shawn, who caught him with a mid-air Sweet Chin Music and pinned him clean. Watch the full match below.

H/T Fightful Select

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