Kurt Angle is still desperately seeking a donor to save his brother Eric Angle’s life. Eric has needed a kidney transplant for quite some time. Kurt and Eric were often swapped in WWE storylines because of their close family resemblance. Kurt has been asking fans to step up and help for some time now.

Kurt shared the news around Valentine’s Day on his Instagram. The Olympic gold medalist is hoping that some kind fan will step up to help Eric Angle get a new lease on life. So far there have been no viable takers.

Dave Meltzer discussed Eric’s ongoing need for kidney on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It is an unfortunate story. Time is of the essence, and Kurt Angle is still seeking a donor.

“Eric Angle was diagnosed with kidney cancer and he already needed a kidney transplant. Kurt is out publicly just hoping, you know, to find someone. They’re looking for someone. They’re looking for a prospective donor and he’s just hoping somebody comes along.


They do not have one. And time is of the essence, he said. So, it’s a sad situation. Eric worked in WWE for a very short period of time. He was a great athlete, too, but just didn’t have Kurt’s charisma. He was the imposter Kurt Angle in some angles because they look pretty much alike. Eric was a year older than Kurt. So, that’s a sad situation, too.”

Kurt Angle will continue to try and save his brother’s life. There is probably a compatible donor out there somewhere. Time is running short, and the WWE Hall of Famer is hoping a generous soul will step up.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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