Dan Lambert claimed this week that Paige VanZant would be signing her AEW contract at the Revolution pay-per-view. Lambert, The Men of the Year, and VanZant were shown in the audience throughout the event. There was never a signing angle, though.

Fans wondered if Dan Lambert might have pulled a fast one on them. Tony Khan was elusive in his comments. Khan kayfabed it, saying he doesn’t know if he trusts Lambert. The signing angle simply never happened on the PPV.

Dave Meltzer talked about the odd omission on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. A Paige VanZant signing segment should be coming soon. AEW will have to be very careful about rushing her, since she is new to pro wrestling.

“Apparently, Paige is training to wrestle. Tony kind of talked about… It was almost like an out, where he just goes, ‘Dan Lambert said it, but I don’t trust Dan Lambert, he’s kind of a sleazy guy.’ I guess the idea is that Scorpio Sky was originally going to be put into that ladder match although he never qualified, because I guess he’s been undefeated for three hundred sixty whatever days.


So, he was pulled from it and he got himself a title shot by Dan Lambert in exchange for Dan Lambert delivering Paige VanZant to Tony Khan. Paige is all over the show. They didn’t do a signing. I think that they’re going to do it coming up.

I don’t know. He talked about it like she’s in, so she’s going to do some stuff. With her, it’s like, you’ve got another person who’s marketable, obviously, and famous, to a degree. Probably more than any women on the roster. Without a doubt more than any of the women on the roster, but going to be very, very green. Kind of like Jade was a year ago. It’s tough. It’s one thing to make Sammy Guevara into a star when they’re already a super worker, especially when the crowd is very work-oriented, but it’s a lot harder when you’re dealing with the idea that, you know, Jade Cargill can draw ratings, in theory. Paige has at times been a very big ratings draw in UFC but also that was years ago and that was UFC. If you bring in Paige VanZant, it’s tough, because you can’t always beat her.”

Paige VanZant was a huge star during her time in UFC. The MMA star has a great look and can do some talking. With the right training and seasoning, she can be a huge acquisition for All Elite Wrestling. That time hasn’t quite come just yet.

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Michael Perry

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