Vince McMahon was originally reported to have match with Pat McAfee on the books for WrestleMania 38. During his appearance on McAfee’s show, Vince did offer McAfee WrestleMania match. It eventually came out that the match would be against Austin Theory.

Theory and McMahon are tied together on television, so it makes sense that Vince will still be involved in the match. It was likely that Theory would have done most if not all of the heavy lifting anyway. Vince McMahon is 76 years old and probably can’t take bumps safely.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the situation. The plans for the match have been fluid. It is still expected that Vince McMahon will be involved in the storyline.

“Vince McMahon is still in the angle. I don’t know if it’s going to be a handicap match. I don’t know if it’s going to be Vince McMahon in the corner of Austin Theory but getting heavily involved in the angle and everything like that, but right now, Vince McMahon is the key to that match. I mean, that’s the drawing of that match, is Vince.


So, he will be introduced at some point at least as things were last night. Things continually change, but it was still talked about. Originally, it was going to be Vince and McAfee, but Austin Theory was going to be all over the match and basically taking all the bumps.

So, now, it’s more of, ‘OK, this is what the real match is going to be,’ but Vince is somehow going to have an involvement in it. It’s weird because I figured that, Vince obviously went on that show and they had already teased it on Raw with the idea that they were going to shoot an angle and they didn’t do an angle on it and, you know, they didn’t even really do heat on it in the sense that Vince and McAfee didn’t end up doing an angle. They just did a straight interview, basically. They didn’t tease anything… So now they have to figure out after doing that what to pounce on to get to the story that they are going to want to tell.”

WWE wants to make WrestleMania 38 the biggest of all time. That means bringing in the biggest stars in whatever capacity they can. Vince McMahon’s involvement will still be a major part of the show of shows.

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