Shane Haste was known as ‘Shane Thorne’ in WWE. After being released from the company, he joined New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he’d held a tenure for a while before joining WWE. NJPW is where he desired to go and enjoy a long run, as he disclosed to Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling in a recent interview.

Haste talked about his recent NJPW STRONG tapings, as well as coming back to a place where he had previously worked at. He referred to his former stint at New Japan Pro Wrestling as something that everyone remembers.

Our illustrious New Japan career that everyone remembers. I had one match [Haste laughed]. I had one match in [New] Japan. Mikey [Nicholls] had the few and he trained at the New Japan L.A. Dojo so him coming back to New Japan was a huge, like a real cool, huge thing. For me, it just was that’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and do a serious run at and then seeing how well JONAH’s been doing there and I’d go along to the shows and hang out and man, the vibe there, this atmosphere, the crowds, it’s awesome. I love it.

The former WWE superstar also talked about his desire of teaming up with his longtime partner Mikey Nicholls at the NJPW World Tag League 2022. He talked about bringing TMDK back in all its glory, as well as other versions including the talents of JONAH, Slex, Marcius Pitt, Damian Slater, Hartley Jackson, Kane Broadrick.


Yeah man, that’s our goal, that’s the goal. TMDK, me and Mikey [Nicholls], I’d love to see us in it [World Tag League]. I’d love to see other versions of TMDK as well; JONAH, Slex, Marcius Pitt, Damian Slater, we got Hartley Jackson, Kane Broadrick. We got some good members in that and I’ve said this many, many times, my goal now is to get — well I mean, stabilize myself and get my spot but to bring as many of those TMDK guys over, get them exposed on that national, international level of Japan where they deserve respect that they’ve — they’ve earned respect and deserve to be shown it in pro wrestling, where sometimes you know, you come to America and it’s a different kind of show, a different kind of vibe but in Japan, there’s so much more respect with it and I really want those boys to have a feel of that even if it’s just one tour, you know what I mean? 

He’s also made the roster in WWE 2K22, which is the upcoming wrestling game by WWE. He said that it’s actually the roster from the year 2021 and that he’s been in every single WWE game that came out since 2017, so he’s glad that someone over there has his back.

It’s just the way that they work. Everybody gets so mad at the talent roster sh*t for it because it’s really 2K21. It’s last year’s roster. They can’t predict the future of the roster, you know what I mean? So of course it’s gonna be the older roster. I think Shane Thorne’s been in every single one [WWE video game] since 2017 I believe. So, people looking out for me there.

Shane also talked about how he wished he stuck to his guns when he was at NXT, not being included in the Australian Tours as well as talking about his Crocodile Dundee character. You can watch the interview down below.

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