Impact Wrestling’s Sacrifice pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Impact World Championship: Moose vs. Heath
  • Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz
  • X Division Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: “The IInspiration” Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay vs. “The Influence” Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood
  • Deonna Purrazzo’s Champ Champ Open Challenge: Deonna Purrazzo Will Defend The ROH Women’s World Championship or AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
  • Jay White vs. Alex Shelley
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino
  • Jonah vs. PCO

Tom Hannifan welcomes us to the show and the first man out tonight is Jake Something for the X Division Championship match. Out next is the X Division Champion, Trey Miguel.

X Division Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something


Lock up, Something overpowers Miguel. Miguel with right hands, back elbow, chop, Something catches Miguel in a clothesline, Miguel gets right back up but gets downed again with a clothesline, Something covers, 2 count. Miguel with a roll up, 2 count. Something stares down Miguel. Miguel drops Something on the ropes, dropkick, shoulder breaker, Something catches a hurricanrana into a huge Powerbomb! Something covers, 2 count.

Something with clubbing blows, Miguel fights back but Something hits a body block, cover, 2 count. Something with a hard whip into the corner, a forearm, cover, 2 count. Miguel blocks forearms, and hits forearms of his own, a back elbow, Something stands on Miguel’s foot and hits a huge forearm. Something hits a Spear in the corner, cover, 2 count. Something with a clothesline, then another clothesline, Miguel reverses a clothesline into a back heel kick, then a spinning slam.

Miguel with running strikes in the corner, then a flying forearm, Something catches a kick, ducks under another but then gets hit by a third. Miguel covers, 2 count. Miguel with chops, Somethings powers through them, Something hits a front slam, then hits a big Backbreaker, cover, 2 count. “This is Awesome” chants. Something with a clothesline in the ropes, then again in the opposite side. Miguel with a roundhouse kick, then hits a Canadian Destroyer through the ropes onto the outside!

Miguel tries to drag Something back inside the ring, and gets back in at 9. Miguel covers, 2 count. Miguel locks in an armbar, Something powers out into a Powerbomb into the corner. Something hits a Gut Wrench Powerbomb, cover, 2 count. Something goes for another Powerbomb but Miguel turns it into a Meteora! Miguel covers, 2 count. Miguel with a Cheeky Nandos in the corner, then a Meteora off the top rope, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” X Division Champion, Trey Miguel!

Commentary runs down tonight’s card.

Tasha Steelz is interviewed backstage, Steelz asks if Mickie is sure she wants Green to stay in the back. Tonight, we are gonna sing the same song, she will beat Mickie James and become new Knockouts World Champion. Tonight she will end the match with a kiss.

Eddie Edwards makes his entrance, accompanied by Honor No More. Rhino is out next, accompanied by Willie Mack, Rich Swann and Chris Sabin.

Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino

Edwards starts hot but Rhino sees it coming, Rhino with strikes in the corner, Edwards escapes the ring. Honor No More circle Edwards and shout at Rhino. Edwards gets back in but Rhino takes the advantage. Rhino with shots in the corner, Edwards reverses and hits shots of his own. Rhino chops his way out of the corner, Edwards with a boot, Rhino throws him out of the ring. Edwards comes face to face with Team impact, who throw him back in the ring.

Edwards with a boot in the corner, Maria Kanellis hands Edwards a Kendo Stick but the ref sees it. The ref throws Maria out from ringside! Rhino with right hands to Edwards, then a body shot, Taven trips Rhino up from under the ropes. Edwards takes advantage with shots on the mat. Edwards chokes Rhino in the ropes, then Taven does the same thing behind the refs back. Edwards with chops in the corner, Rhino fights out but Honor No More distract him. Edwards gets a headlock, Edwards with headbutts in the corner, then a running forearm.

Rhino with a big clothesline out of the corner, then a Spear in the corner. Rhinos sets up for the Gore, Kenny King distracts him, Sabin takes him out, Edwards with a running knee to Rhino, Team impact and Honor No More brawl at ringside. Swann dives onto both teams at ringside. Willie Mack climbs to the top rope and Swantons onto everybody! Steve Maclin comes from nowhere and hits Edwards with a DDT! Rhino sets up the Gore but Maclin hits him from behind with a Kendo Stick! Maclin shouts at Team Impact and leaves, Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Eddie Edwards!

Honor No More celebrate in the ring.

Video package for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match.

The Influence ban Kaleb from ringside, they say he has been a liability, they will get photos for him when the becoming Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne make their entrance. The Knockouts Tag Team Champions, The IInspiration are out next,

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: “The IInspiration” Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay vs. “The Influence” Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood

McKay and Dashwood start, huge “IInspiration” chants, Dashwood with a forearm, McKay hits a shoulder tackle. McKay with a running forearm in the corner, then a fall away slam. Rayne tags in, Lee tags in. IInspiration with combination kicks. Lee hits an armdrag, covers, back and forth, Lee with an armdrag, then gets an armbar.

McKay tags in, double forearms, Dashwood saves Rayne, then they double team IInspiration. Influence mock IInspiration, then IInspiration throws them out of the ring. Dashwood Electric Chair drops Lee onto the apron, Rayne sends McKay into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rayne covers, 2 count. Rayne with boots in the corner, then stomps, Rayne mocks McKay then tags in Dashwood.

Dashwood with stomps in the corner, then pulls McKay’s hair while Rayne stomps her. Dashwood with a kick to the spine, then a running crossbody, cover, 2 count. McKay fights out of the corner, hits a Codebreaker then tags in Lee. Lee runs win, clotheslines all round, roundhouse kick, stomps in the corner, boot to Rayne, then a kick to Dashwood on the apron. Scorpion kick to Rayne, Fisherman Suplex, cover, 2 count.

McKay tags in, Dashwood fights them both off, McKay with a knee to the face, then a double team facebuster, cover, 2 count. Lee tags in, Dashwood escapes a double suplex, Lee with a shot from behind. Dashwood with the Spotlight kick, cover, 2 count. Kaleb runs out, Influence says he shouldn’t be here, Lee hits a Spin Kick, cover, 2 count as Rayne breaks the count. Kaleb gets one of the titles, throws it to Dashwood, Dashwood hits Lee with the title behind the refs back! Dashwood covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Knockouts Tag Team Champions, The Influence!

Commentary asks weather Kaleb meant to give the Influence the title.

Rhino and Heath are backstage. Rhino is shouting that he never should have trusted Maclin. Heath says he should have been out there, Rhino says he has a big match, he should be getting ready. Heath doubts himself but Santino Marella appears and gives Heath an inspiration speech about grabbing the brass ring.

Brian Myers has his own commentary desk and will offer alternate commentary.

W. Morrissey makes his entrance. He strides to Myers and stares him down, Myers backs off, Morrissey slams him face first into the table, Morrissey tries to hits a Powerbomb but Myers escapes. Morrissey grabs a security guard and Powerbombs him through the table.

Jonah makes his entrance. Out next is PCO, representing Honor No More.

Jonah vs. PCO

Clubbing blows back and forth, Jonah with shots in the corner, he bites at PCO. PCO with body shots, spinning back hand, neckbreaker, running dropkick, Jonah escapes the ring. Strikes back and forth on the outside, PCO throws Jonah face first into the ring post. Jonah hits a forearm, then a Russian Leg Sweep on the ramp!

Back in the ring, Jonah hits a headbutt, a chop, more chops, PCO falls to the mat but gets right back up. Jonah with more chops but PCO shows no affect. PCO with chops of his own, Jonah with a headbutt, PCO with a kick and then clotheslines Jonah out of the ring. PCO hits a Tope Suicida to the outside! With Jonah on the apron, PCO climbs to the top and hits the Deanimator!

Jonah with headbutts on the top rope, then hits a Superplex! Forearms back and forth, PCO with a discus clothesline, then a German Suplex! Jonah gets back up and hits a German of his own. Jonah with a clothesline, PCO gets right back up, PCO with a DDT, Jonah with a suplex. PCO sits up, Jonah hits a Superkick. Jonah climbs to the top, PCO follows him up and hits a hurricanrana! PCO climbs to the top and hits the PCOsault! PCO covers, 2 count!

Jonah escapes the ring and throws PCO head first into the steel steps! Jonah hits a Piledriver on the steel steps! “Check his Pulse” chants. Jonah hits a Powerbomb off the steps onto the floor! Jonah hits the Tsunami Splash off the top rope, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jonah!

The medical team checks on PCO but he pushes them away.

Jay White interviewed backstage, White says he knew this day would come, he knew he would cross paths with Shelley. Its fitting this is happening on Impact, Shelly doesn’t know the man White has become, what he has become.

Jay White makes his entrance. Alex Shelley is out next.

Jay White vs. Alex Shelley

Duelling chants before both men lock up, clean break. Lock up, Shelley gets a headlock, Shelley with a drop toe hold, into an armbar. White with a back elbow, forearms in the corner, Shelly gets chops, back elbow, knee drop of the top rope. Shelley with a roundhouse kick, White dodges a baseball slide, Shelley with an elbow to the throat. Shelley slams White face first on the apron. Shelley with a knee to the back of the head.

Shelley drops White on the top rope, crossbody off the apron but White gets the knees up. White hits a backbreaker, then drops Shelley on the top rope. White drives Shelly into the ring apron, chops, cover, Shelley kicks out at 1. White with a chop, boots in the corner, running back elbow, Pumphandle Backbreaker, cover, 2 count.

White gets a bearhug, Shelley escapes a suplex, White with a chop, Shelley with a forearm, another forearm, then a running forearm. Shelley with a kick, then a superkick, then a roundhouse kick, forearm, White hits a back elbow, then a DDT! White hits an uppercut in the corner, twisting suplex, cover, 2 count. Shelley with kicks out of the corner, then sends White face first into the turnbuckle. Shelley stands on White’s hand, White hits a thumb to the eye, strikes back and forth. White with a huge chop.

White with another huge chop, then more chops, Shelley with chops of his own, forearms, White hits the Uranage, cover, Shelley gets to the ropes at 2. White gets a headlock, Shelley hits the Sliced Bread, cover, 2 count. Shelley with a roundhouse kick, superkick, crucifix cover, 2 count. White blocks the Boarder City Stretch, but he finally locks it in. White gets to the ropes, Shelley with an armbreaker, then a enziguri.

White catches a Suicide Dive and hits the Bladerunner into the apron! Shelley reverse the Bladerunner and hits a Bladerunner of his own! Shelly covers, White kicks out at 2 but Shelley locks in the Boarder City Stretch, White escapes and hits the Bladerunner! White covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jay White!

A standing ovation from everybody at ringside, including the commentary desk. Shelly offers a handshake… White walks away.

Violent By Design are backstage. Young says their business arrangement is over. They have been waiting in the shadows for their rewards, the Tag Team Title shot.

Deonna Purrazzo makes her entrance. Chelsea Green will be her challenger. Green chooses the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship.

The Champ Champ Challenge – Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Chelsea Green

Lock up, evenly matched. Purrazzo gets a shoulder tackle, Green with an armdrag. Green hits a Suicide Dive! Purrazzo with a clothesline, knee in the ropes, snapmare, knee to the back, chinlock, clothesline, cover, 2 count. Purrazzo with a rising knee strike, into an armbar, Green escapes but gets hit with a clothesline. Purrazzo covers, 2 count. Green with an armdrag, boot to the face, enziguri, Purrazzo hits a pump kick.

Green with a sunset flip, cover, 2 count. Covers back and forth, Purrazzo into an armbar, Green counters into a cover, 2 count. Both women hit a double pump kick, Green hits a dropkick, clothesline in the corner, flatliner into the turnbuckle. Green stomps Purrazzo into the bottom turnbuckle, cover, Purrazzo grabs the ropes. Green hits the Flatliner, Purrazzo with a inside out slam, cover, 2 count. Purrazzo gets an armbar, Green counters into her own armbar. Purrazzo gets to the ropes.

Purrazzo with boots to the wrist, Green appears to have injured her wrist, the ref backs Purrazzo away. Green pushes Purrazzo, then Purrazzo locks in an armbar, the ref calls for the bell!

WINNER: “And Still” Ring of Honor Women’s World Champion, Deonna Purrazzo!

Purrazzo doesn’t let go of the hold, Mickie James runs down to stop Purrazzo. Purrazzo backs off down the ramp as doctors and Mickie James check on Green.

Tasha Steelz makes her entrance, accompanied by Savannah Evans. The Knockouts World Championship match is happening right now. James is still checking on Green as Dave Penzer does the official ring introduction. Steelz attacks James before the bell rings.

Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James vs. Tasha Steelz

Steelz with shoulder tackles in the corner, James with boots to Steelz in the corner. James with a running boot, cover, 2 count. Green is still at ringside being checked on. James ducks under a boot and lock in a Boston Crab. Savannah Evans pushes green down on the ramp, James runs out the ring and attacks Evans. Steelz hits a suicide dive on James.

Steelz throws James into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Steelz covers, 2 count. Steelz with forearms, James with a back elbow, a boot, forearms, Steelz hits a pump kick. Steelz covers, 2 count. Steelz chokes James on the ropes, Steelz with chops in the corner, James reverse into her own chops. Steelz with a boot to the throat, then a running uppercut.

Steelz with a snapmare takedown, then another kick, cover, 2 count. Steelz with a Camel Clutch, raking at the face, James reverses into a Stunner. James with a forearm in the corner, back elbow, James with 10 shots in the corner, strikes back and forth on the top rope then both women fall to the outside. Evans throws Steelz back in the ring, then James gets in before 10. Right hands back and forth, James gets the advantage, Thez Press, clothesline, neckbreaker, cover, 2 count.

Steelz ducks under the Mick Kick, but James hits the MickieT! Evans distracts the ref, James goes after her and takes her out. Steelz hits the Blackout, cover, 2 count! Steelz with jabs, James fights back with right hands, back elbow, hurricanrana, Steelz throws James face first into the turnbuckle. Steelz goes for the Stratusfaction but Mickie escapes, James hits the Flapjack. Evan distracts James, James kicks her off and dives onto Steelz, Steelz hits a cutter! Steelz covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Knockouts World Champion, Tasha Steelz!

Video package for the Impact Tag Team Championship match. Violent By Design make their entrance. Out next, the Impact tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers, accompanied by Chris Bey.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers vs. Violent By Design

Anderson and Young start, lock up, Anderson gets a headlock, shoulder tackle, Young with an armdrag. Anderson with an armdrag into an armbar, Anderson with a gut punch in the corner, armdrag, Young with shoulder tackles in the corner, armdrag into an armbar. Anderson rakes the eyes, tags in Gallows. Young with a thumb to the eye and tags in Doering.

Doering with clubbing blows to Gallows. Gallows with an uppercut, shoulder tackle, both men tackle each other, evenly match. Gallows hits a pumpkick, cover, 2 count. Gallows with elbows, then gets a headlock. Doering rushes out of the corner and drops Gallows. Both men tag, Anderson with a clothesline, then a forearm, bodyslam, senton, fisherman neckbreaker, cover, 2 count.

Doering tags in, shoulder tackle to Anderson, Doering takes out Gallows in the corner, splash in the corner, Powerslam, tags in Young and young hits an elbow from the top, cover, 2 count. Anderson hits a back body drop, tags in Gallows, Gallows hits a clothesline to both men, splash in the corner, Anderson tags in, double team neckbreaker, cover, 2 count. Gallows hits the Gallows Pole, cover, 2 count.

Anderson tags in, Young escapes the Magic Killer, Young sends Gallows to the outside, tags in Doering, Doering with a Death Valley Driver, clothesline, young hits a Brainbuster, Doering covers, 2 count. Gallows blocks an elbow drop, Anderson with chops to Young. Tower of Doom out of the corner with all 4 men. Doering tags in, Anderson with chops, uppercut, Spinebuster! Doering gets right back up and hits a lariat, Gallows and Young brawl up the ramp, Young hits a low blow and then a Piledriver on the stage!

Doering and Young hit a Powerbomb/Neckbreaker on Anderson, Doering covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Impact World Tag Team Champions, Violent By Design!

Video package for the Impact World Championship match. Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) joins commentary. Heath makes his entrance. The Impact World Champion, Moose is out next. Dave Penzer does the official ring introduction.

Impact World Championship: Moose vs. Heath

Both men go face to face, strikes back and forth, lock up, Moose powers Heath to the corner, Heath fights out. Heath with a high knee, body shots, Moose powers Heath to the opposite corner, shoulder tackles in the corner. Moose throws Heath across the ring. Moose with a hard whip into the corner. Moose throws Heath across the ring again.

Moose rips Heath’s shirt and hits chops, Heath fights out with shots of his own, Heath with a running knee then a high boot sends Moose out of the ring. Moose with a kick to the face. Moose throws Heath into the ring post. Moose forces Heath’s shoulders into the ring post. Moose throws Heath into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Moose stomps on Heath. Moose stomps on the hand, Moose with more stomps, clubbing blows to the back.

Moose chokes Heath in the ropes, abdominal stretch, then elbows to the ribs. Heath bites Moose’s hand, Moose hits a right hand, then throws Heath out of the ring. Moose with a Uranage on the apron, then another Uranage on the apron. Back in the ring, Moose covers, 2 count. Moose with a slap across the face, Heath fights back with strikes, and throws Moose out of the ring!

Heath with a dive over the ropes onto Moose. Back in the ring, Heath hits the Wake Up Call, cover, 2 count! Moose hits a Uranage, then a Spear, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact World Champion, Moose!

As Moose celebrates, Josh Alexander comes out from the crowd and hits the C4 Spike on Moose! Alexander gets a mic and says the last time he was in this ring, Scott D’Amour send him home. D’Amour said he needed to get his emotions in check but he doesn’t think he emotion have been the problem. D’Amour was right to send him home, he got to spend time with his family, recharge, and it put him a mile away from Anthem corporate office, he has signed a multi year contract with Impact Wrestling.

Alexander has another contract for the main event of Rebellion, Moose vs. Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship! And with that bombshell, Sacrifice goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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