Michael Elgin worried lot of fans when he posted a lengthy “goodbye” video on YouTube last year. He stated that the video would be the last time anyone hears from him but fortunately, he was later found safe. Now Impact Wrestling is being sued by Michael. He also produced a 15-minute YouTube video explaining why he filed the complaint.

Elgin filed the case in the Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, recently. He is seeking compensatory damages of not less than $5 million. Elgin claimed Impact breached their contract by withdrawing him from its programming in June 2020 after charges were made against him during the #SpeakingOut movement, according to paperwork obtained by PWInsider.

A career in wrestling is not comparable to a normal employment opportunity. The wrestler’s reputation and fame is dependent upon the entertainment and content company to deliver television programming to the mutual benefit of the wrestler and entertainment company.

Elgin further claimed that Impact blocked him from working for Pro Wrestling NOAH in December 2020, causing him to lose his Japanese reputation. Joey Ryan and Dave Crist were fired by Impact on June 22, 2020, following claims made against them as part of #SpeakingOut.


Elgin was also suspended awaiting the outcome of the investigation, according to the company. On June 26, 2020, Impact issued a statement stating that Elgin would no longer be featured on their programming. This week, Elgin issued message on social media claiming that Impact made it appear as if he had been fired from the company.

Elgin’s contract with Impact was slated to expire on April 15, 2022, but according to a social media post, he has not been paid by the company since February 15, 2022 owing to a lawsuit he launched against them, forcing him to become a free agent sooner than expected.

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