Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey will settle their rivalry at WrestleMania 38. Ronda qualified for title shot at the show of shows by winning the WWE women’s Royal Rumble. Ronda chose Charlotte as her opponent. The two will face off with the SmackDown women’s championship on the line in Dallas.

This won’t be the first time the two have met in the squared circle. At Survivor Series 98, the two had a match with virtually no build. Charlotte was disqualified after using a weapon in the bout. They again clashed in a triple threat with Becky Lynch in the main event of WrestleMania 35. Flair said both competitors earned each other’s respect in an interview with Hot 97.

Charlotte Flair has so much respect for Ronda Rousey that she compared them as equals. Charlotte said that Ronda is the Charlotte Flair of MMA. Flair also said that she is the Ronda Rousey of WWE.

“Survivor Series [2018]. I earned her respect. We had no build, we had no story, it was a last-minute thing, and I think we went out there and killed it and just gave a taste of what her and I are capable of. So I’m looking forward to WrestleMania. I don’t expect anything less than what we already have delivered.


Absolutely [Ronda earned Charlotte’s respect], and what she did that entire year, I mean, she had, I mean, she faced The Bellas, Nia Jax, myself, Alexa Bliss. She performed with many different opponents at a high level. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have the best chemistry with everyone. But I think she went out there, and you know, she reminded me of Kurt Angle.

I mean, just she picked it up so quickly. It’s all about instinct and she has the instinct, and that’s half the battle. You can be in this business for a long time and never figure out instinct, in my opinion. I have nothing but respect for her. What she was able to do and the doors that she opened for women at that time, had never been done before. Had there not been a Ronda Rousey, I don’t think there would have been a women’s revolution… I like to say that I’m the Ronda of WWE and she is the Charlotte Flair of MMA,”

Charlotte added that just because she was saying nice things, it doesn’t mean she won’t break out the kendo stick again if she needs to. Flair will be watching her opponent closely tonight as Ronda Rousey is set to take on Sonya Deville on SmackDown. Charlotte Flair will no doubt have something to say about Ronda’s performance.

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