Vince McMahon has been the target of a ton of criticism over the years. McMahon understands and appreciates it. The WWE boss also thinks a lot of it is unfounded.

McMahon did an interview on the Pat McAfee show today that revealed lot about what makes him tick. The former NFL star asked Vince what his decision-making process was like. McMahon said he always tries to put his audience first, even if he has personal feelings that don’t mesh with fan sentiment.

“I’m always concerned about what’s best for the audience. Always. What does the audience want? If you have dead weight around you or a situation whereby someone’s not cutting it and you have the opportunity for someone else to come in, it’s like, ‘OK, that’s probably the best thing.’

It’s one of the reasons why with Hogan and a lot of those guys who left me at one time, why I brought them back. It’s like, ‘I’ll never bring that son of a bitch back again as long as I live.’ When you say stuff like that, you’re really hurting yourself because you’re not thinking about your audience. You’re not thinking about your product.


It’s not about you and your ego. It’s like, ‘Yeah, maybe I really felt that way, maybe I didn’t.’ But nonetheless, it doesn’t matter. What’s the best thing for business? If the audience wants Hulk Hogan back, you bring him back if he has value that way.”

Vince McMahon does make a good point. There have been plenty of talents he swore off in the past but ended up working with again. It’s just what’s best for business.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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