Vince McMahon and Pat McAfee had a surprisingly candid interview this afternoon. The WWE boss typically leaves the media appearances to his superstars and on-air talent. Today, McMahon joined the former NFL star for a wide-ranging chat.

Many people thought McMahon would make certain topics off-limits. That theory was blown out the window when Vince McMahon openly talked about WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. McMahon said it’s all a matter of cultural perception.

“People love western culture all over the world. They don’t love our government, but they love western culture. Our form of entertainment with WWE kind of fits into everything. It’s larger than life. It’s like, everything imaginable, like, ‘Oh my god, the spectacle of it.’ So, it fits in everywhere.

We translate it in 40 languages or something like that, but even if there’s just English, you get it. You understand. We’ve always been popular everywhere. Saudi is no different. Again, people are people and cultures are cultures and you have to respect that.


Just because we as Americans, ‘This is the way our world should be. Like us. We know the way and any other way is just not the right way.’ Come on, culture’s been around thousands of years.”

That answer likely won’t be enough for McMahon’s biggest critics. It probably won’t matter to him. Vince McMahon doesn’t give a second thought to negative public perception.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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