Brandi Rhodes is keeping in shape to get back into business after leaving All Elite Wrestling with her husband, Cody Rhodes. Brandi was a hustler during her time with Tony Khan’s company. Rhodes served as the chief brand officer for AEW as well as an in-ring performer.

Brandi is not staying off her workout routine just. She is still going hard in the gym. She recently took to Instagram to put on display of her beautifully sculpted abs, stating the fact that while everyone is busy talking, she is busy working hard. Brandi’s fresh photo in gym wear certainly grabbed some eyeballs.

While people have been talking…I have been working 💪🏾

Brandi served as the company’s Chief Branding Officer. Khan also picked her as an on-screen talent and wrestler. Brandi accompanied Cody during his feuds with top stars Chris Jericho and MJF.


The wrestling world is still reeling from the shocker that Cody and Brandi have parted ways with Tony Khan’s AEW. The husband-wife duo were integral in setting up the promotion in Jacksonville, something which Khan recognized in his statement, but would no longer oversee AEW’s continued rise to stardom.

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