Sam Roberts made a name for himself during his time in WWE but that didn’t come without its fair share of controversies. This was largely due to his comments about Bianca Belair, which brought lot of heat on him. It seems his latest appearance on WWE television was a last-minute decision.

Sam Roberts made a surprise appearance during last week’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown. He was seen interviewing the Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos before The Viking Raiders came out and brawled with them.

While speaking on his NotSam Wrestling Podcast, Sam Roberts revealed that his surprise appearance was a last-minute decision and came together mere hours before the show. Roberts received a call from an unnamed WWE employee late Friday afternoon asking if he could be in Hershey, PA by 7:30 pm for Friday Night Smackdown.

Roberts started “map questing” if he could make it from Westchester, NY (where he lives) to Hershey, PA in time. In the end, he somehow made it to the show less than four hours before the show started.


“It was Friday, a few days ago, and it was 4:38 in the afternoon. All of a sudden my phone starts ringing. I said, ‘Hello.’ The voice on the other end said, ‘Uh, hey, dude. Do you think you can be in Hershey, Pennsylvania at 730?’ It’s Westchester, New York to Hershey, Pennsylvania. I’m on the phone map questing, and I’m going, ‘I mean, no, I can’t be there at 730. This thing says it’ll take me three hours and 26 minutes, which would put me there at about 8:02’, and they go, ‘Well, we need somebody on SmackDown to do an interview.’

Then I heard him say, ‘What time is the interview?’ Then I heard somebody on the other end go ‘First hour’, and he said, ‘Well just get in the car.’ I said alright.’

I mean, when I tell you that for three hours, every 10 seconds, I’m just glancing at the GPS, glancing at the gas take, glancing at the road to make sure that I don’t run over something and end up with a flat tire. I think it was the quickest three hour trip that I’ve ever been on because my mind was occupied the entire time. I was like one tense muscle driving the entire way to Hershey, Pennsylvania.”

Thankfully, Sam Roberts was able to make it there in time and fans got to see Roberts perform his role to the best of his ability.

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