Jeff Hardy was originally planned to be included in the upcoming WWE 2K22 video game. As one of the most popular members of the roster character elements were certainly created. However, his release from WWE gave 2k time to yank him off the roster.

Hardy was one of the most popular wrestlers in the company at the time of his release. There is no reason to believe Hardy’s inclusion wouldn’t have happened under different circumstances.

Jeff Hardy is not included in WWE 2K22’s official roster page. Hardy was one of several released wrestlers who at some point was planned to be in the game. That is now out the window.

The Charismatic Enigma walked out on WWE after becoming tired of working for the company. Rumors ran rampant at the time that The Charismatic Enigma was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. That has since been disproven. Jeff simply wanted to move on to something else.


Hardy recently made a statement that he was on his way to AEW. The removal of Jeff Hardy from the site came shortly after that. Jeff has since backtracked on his statement about going to AEW.

Jeff Hardy has been included in several WWE video games in the past. Hardy is one of the company’s most recognizable superstars. The Hardy Boyz were at the heart of one of the greatest runs in the history of the WWE tag team division.

Fans who were hoping to see Jeff Hardy in WWE 2K22 will be disappointed. Hardy’s moves and animations were likely captured for the game, so create-a-wrestler will offer some authentic options. Fans who take that route will probably have to do without his entrance music. AEW has been working on the development of their own game for quite some time. Gamers who want to play as Jeff may get that chance somewhere down the line.

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