Hulk Hogan was the icon before the term got thrown around like the superkick. Hogan is widely considered to be one of wrestling’s all-time greats – and why wouldn’t he be. The man took wrestling to unprecedented heights of popularity. Hulk is also one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling.

Bret Michaels gained fame as the front-man of rock band Poison who have sold well over 45 million records worldwide and 15 million records in the United States alone.

Just recently, Hulk Hogan took to Instagram to post a video of himself meeting with the rock band icon Bret Michaels. The two appeared delighted to meet each other and they laughed, talked and hugged throughout the 1 and a half minute video.

Getting the party started with #BretMichaels #50legs


Hulk urges Bret to face time his son, Nick Hogan and the latter did not deny his request. In fact, Bret was pretty excited to talk to Nick. It seems like the party is going to be lit with such figures present. Despite entangling himself in multiple controversies, Hulk Hogan continues to make outrageous claims and be caught red-handed on numerous occasions.

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