Adam Scherr was a major star in WWE under the name Braun Strowman. While with the company, he was even Universal Champion. The Monster Among Men has since moved on to join EC3 and Karrion Kross in the Control Your Narrative stable.

Adam Scherr took to Instagram to showcase his new reflex bag for the Meat Castle gym. He aims to do some fun cardio and improve his hand eye coordination in the process. Adam claimed that he is just starting to learn how to box and that’s the reason his form is not impressive.

Just picked up this reflex bag for the #MeatCastle #Gym to do some fun cardio and work on my hand eye coordination and start learning to box little more. If I stick with this for a while who would you like to see me box??? Comment below!!!! #Boxing #ImTryingToLearn #GreenAsGoosePoop #Training #Cardio #handeyecoordination #Reflex #SomebodyTrainMe

Scherr honestly stated that his form is terrible because he has just started to learn and it would be helpful if someone trains him instead of making fun of him. Killer Kross, EC3, and Adam Scherr (formerly Braun Strowman) announced a series of upcoming live events.


EC3 and Adam Sherr have been trying to take control of the wrestling industry away from promoters and place it back in the rightful hands of the wrestlers themselves. It was recently announced that CYN will be attempting to launch a television show.

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