Braun Strowman was on massive rise in WWE, having competed with the likes of WWE legends such as Goldberg. However, his release from the company had everyone shocked. It seems things are eventually working in his favor.

Adam Scherr has been taking to YouTube in order to stream weekly streams with CYN. On their recent 11th episode, Scherr called out “Windham Rotunda,” who is none other than former WWE superstar Bray Wyatt.

Scherr addressed the promotional video that Killer Kross and Rotunda made in collaboration. The video teased the return of Rotunda in the world of pro-wrestling, even though it showed the face of Rotunda for only a split second.

Killer Kross, EC3 and Adam Scherr previously worked together on “Control The Narrative.” Around the 7-minute mark, Scherr talked about Rotunda being teased in Kross’ video, while talking about how he used footage from Strowman’s match.


The former Braun Strowman asked whether Windham is friend or foe, and told him to “answer his damn phone,” in case he wants to fight The Monster Among Men or be his “brother.”

United Festival Productions recently announced that ECW & Adam Schurr’s wrestling promotion CYN is ready to go and has received an imminent TV deal, meaning that the dynamic duo is ready to start putting out shows.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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