Cesaro taking to free agency after leaving WWE is no news to fans. While WWE reportedly still had plans to use Cesaro, the lack of conclusiveness over reaching the right contract terms led to the Swiss Cyborg taking his leave from the company.

The former WWE superstar was said to have signed a brand new contract with WWE last year. Many failed to notice, however, that the terms of his contract were only set in writing for a year.

Fightful Select previously reported that WWE was going to bring Cesaro to the forefront in their upcoming shows. With Cesaro being a free-agent, that is no longer possible.

The outlet has provided an update from the WWE locker room, reporting that the general sentiment in the company over Cesaro leaving is “disappointment and dismay.


The immediate reaction from those within the company was disappointment and dismay, as Cesaro has been one of the most universally liked talent on the roster. We’re told this was not a case of WWE not wanting him there. In fact, he was offered a new contract, in which WWE sources claim was rejected.

The report added that Cesaro was offered a new contract as well, as WWE did want him to stay. Cesaro rejected the new contract terms, which led to him having to leave. The Swiss Superman was one of the most well-liked talents in the WWE universe, and we wish him nothing but good luck on his journey ahead.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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