The Young Bucks had some fun on this week’s episode of Being The Elite. The popular web show has always taken a tongue-in-cheek approach to the world of professional wrestling. Today, Matt and Nick Jackson targeted Matt Hardy’s recent on-screen behavior.

Matt’s brother, Jeff Hardy, famously walked out in the middle of match at a WWE live event. Speculation ran wild that Jeff must have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It turns out, he was just losing his passion for working there.

It is widely believed that the Hardys will reunite in All Elite Wrestling. The promotion made a call back to the Jeff Hardy situation, further teasing Jeff’s eventual arrival. Matt walked out on Private Party through the crowd in the middle of a match. The Bucks joked that they want him to be tested for drugs. Hardy reacted in a hilarious manner.

When the Jacksons confronted Matt Hardy backstage during the episode. Nick said that since they were the only EVP’s active for the Nashville event, they were going to drug test him. The Bucks then presented Hardy with two cups for Matt to supply a urine sample.


“I’m hurt that you guys think I’m on drugs. You think my behavior’s erratic? If I give you urine samples, do you swear I’m going to get the results of these tests back?”

Matt Hardy refused the pretend tests. The entire scene mocked the fact that WWE at one point would not release Jeff Hardy’s drug test results. The Young Bucks are having a great time with the entire situation as AEW continues to tease the arrival of Jeff Hardy.

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