Renee Paquette had a successful run in WWE where she served as a commentator, interviewer, and studio host. Renee became a very popular personality with fans. Paquette has gone on to a very successful career as podcaster since leaving WWE in 2020.

Renee is usually the one doing the interviewing. On a recent occasion, she sat down with Riju Dasgupta to talk about various subjects. The topic of who Renee Paquette believes is doing the best to fill her shoes since she left came up. Paquette did not hesitate to name Kayla Braxton.

“I think it’s Kayla. I think it’s definitely Kayla. I’m a huge fan of hers. I think she’s awesome. I’ve always been a fan of Kayla’s.

Even when I was still working with WWE, she was somebody that I loved to be able to step in there and be an ear, kind of lend some advice when she needed it, which, honestly, was not really that often, because she knows what she’s doing.


I love seeing her have this opportunity. What she’s done with The Bump, the moments she’s had on Talking Smack and Raw Talk, even her moments with Paul Heyman. I love that she’s been able to carry on having those moments with Paul Heyman, because I know that those were some of my favorite moments when I was working with WWE. Being able to have those certain personalities or certain WWE superstars that you have that kind of rapport with, it makes our job a lot more fun.”

Renee Paquette thinks Kayla Braxton has done a more than capable job filling the void in WWE that was left after her departure. The hilarious moments with Paul Heyman are just a few of the many reasons Kayla has been a success with the company. Renee has enjoyed her work.

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Michael Perry

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