Montez Ford is known for his signature move, which is the Frog Splash. While many have been on the other end of receiving it, there is one person that will remain Ford’s absolute favorite to perform it on.

Ford recently gave an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin. The Street Profits better half talked about the nature of his risky rope maneuver and who is it that he loves to deliver his Splash on.

Montez said that Otis is the one whom he likes performing the Frog Splash with, on account of Otis being “like a trampoline.” He added that the size of his opponent usually matters, and with Otis, he could possibly ricochet out of the ring.

I would definitely say Otis, it’s like a trampoline. It does. I haven’t even thought about it. But yes, it actually does. It helps with the ricochet. So like, with Otis, I’ll probably fly out the ring.

The WWE star revealed that when he used the high flying maneuver on Seth Rollins in the Raw Tag Team Titles match where The Street Profits fought against Murphy and Rollins, it was his favorite instance of using the Splash.

I would definitely say on Seth Rollins in the Barclays Center, when we won the Tag Team Championships. Just the reaction afterwards, and just that moment itself, so I’d definitely say that was probably the Frog Splash of like, igniting the smoke era.

Montez Ford partners with Angelo Dawkins to form The Street Profits. While the duo currently competes on RAW, Montez has suggested that he would actually like a singles’ run for himself.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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