Tommaso Ciampa is one of the few remaining wrestlers from the Triple H era of NXT. Ciampa did the honors for the fast-rising Bron Breakker, establishing Bron as the new face of NXT. Breakker and Ciampa have joined forces since then, with Ciampa serving as a sort of tough-love mentor to the young star.

Ciampa was the top wrestler in NXT for quite a stretch. The NXT Championship will forever be associated with the Sicilian Psychopath. Ever since the switch to NXT 2.0, many have questioned WWE’s use of Tommaso Ciampa. Dolph Ziggler will be his opponent next week as he looks to create a roadblack to Bron Breakker.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed the upcoming NXT show on WrestleMania weekend. They noted that the ongoing storyline with Dolph Ziggler and Bron Breakker will likely come to a head at that show. Ciampa has also been cutting promos recently that haven’t exactly made him sound like a top wrestler. Meltzer said the booking committee is doing Tommaso no favors.

“Ciampa did a promo basically trying to say that, like, ‘Everybody calls me a minor leaguer and they look at this,’ and he’s like basically saying that they are not minor leagues and he’s there because he wants to be. And now he’s going to have to lose to like the lowest ranked guy on the WWE roster [Dolph Ziggler] who doesn’t beat anybody.”


It was also pointed out that Tommaso Ciampa recently cut a promo where he said he loses 19 out of 20 matches. That certainly doesn’t make him sound like a threat to beat anybody. Rumors have circulated that Tommaso Ciampa might be moved to the main roster soon, but for now, he’s being presented as a cog in the Breakker feud.

The WWE Universe will have to stay tuned to NXT to see how things play out. Tommaso Ciampa is one of NXT’s biggest fan favorites and one of few of the diminishing links to its past incarnation. If the negative booking continues, he may find himself in a difficult situation.

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Michael Perry

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