WWE added a 2.0 to the end of NXT and it appeared that Bron Breakker was the chosen one from the beginning. Tommaso Ciampa picked up the NXT Title after Samoa Joe relinquished the title due to an ambiguous storyline injury. Breakker immediately started chasing Ciampa’s Goldy, and that road led to New Year’s Evil.

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Breakker and Ciampa battled in the main event of New Year’s Evil. Their match was also presented without any commercial interruptions. Breakker, who literally kicked his way through an NXT style X on his way to the ring, was very over with the crowd.

As the crowd barked at Breakker, a nod to his dog-faced gremlin father, the NXT newcomer battled the seasoned veteran in the Sicilian Psychopath. Breakker was able to stop a Fairytale Ending, and the match continued as Breakker nailed a spinebuster and a standing moonsault for a near fall.


Tommaso Ciampa took a hard shot above the eye during match and he was busted open the hard way.

During the match, Bron Breakker put Ciampa through the announce table to avoid a DDT on the exposed concrete. Ciampa got his fingers on the ropes to stop the pinfall, but the match continued as fans chanted “fight forever.”

Ciampa nailed a low blow with the help of the ropes and then he landed a few knee shots with his exposed knee. Then Bron Breakker kicked out of the Fairytale Ending.

Eventually, Bron Breakker won with a Steiner Recliner. Tommaso Ciampa had no choice but to tap out. This was a truly passing of the torch moment.

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H Jenkins

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