WWE is going through a lot of structural changes. One of the most important structural changes in the past was the rebranding that NXT underwent. Now, it seems that NXT 2.0 is successful, WWE is willing to trade off WWE 205 Live for a new NXT show.

205 Live started off strong, though ended up losing lot of its momentum throughout the years. As the show’s main focus was its weight limit of 205, many wrestlers who way beyond that limit have appeared on the show. As those last ditch efforts didn’t work, WWE 205 live is now going to transition.

WWE is planning another NXT show in its place called NXT Level Up. The upcoming show will undergo its first taping before the Vengeance Day special. Mustafa Ali was core part of the WWE 205 Live, and he shared a reel expressing his grief now that the show is over.

Being on 205, people don’t understand how hard it is. We are the underdogs. There’s no harder work in the roster in the sense that how difficult of a position we get put in so we’ve bonded together, very quickly, to come back as see, like, your brothers-in-arm standing there. And out of everything I heard, you know, praises from people that I’ve looked up to ever since I was a kid, family, the boss; out of all of that, seeing those guys, showed me that support, that meant the most.


Ali is often referred to as “The Heart of 205.” As the show will be rebranded as NXT: Level Up, Ali would transition to a different roster altogether in all likelihood. As the 205 would not be there anymore, however, it would a hard task for Ali and the others to find a rightful place for themselves once again.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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