Angel and Humberto have gone through several rebrands since teaming up in WWE. Last names were dropped and the team eventually got a new name. Originally known as Los Lotharios, the team is now going as the Lethal Lovers. The latest rebranding might come with some added perks for the team.

The Lethal Lovers have had a couple of well-received matches against Kofi Kingston and Big E lately. On the latest episode of SmackDown, Angel got a clean three-count on former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in a tag match. It appears WWE sees some potential in Angel and Humberto.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the team getting a push in WWE. They’ve been having good matches with Kingston and Big E. There could be a championship program shortly.

“Now they [Los Lotharios] are also the “Lethal Lovers.” So that’s like their new name of the team, the Lethal Lovers. And, they wrestled The New Day and Angel pinned Kofi Kingston. Just a quick pin. They had another good match, just like last week. I think last week’s match was slightly better but this match was pretty good.


Beating The New Day says that they’re getting a little bit of a push. They wear matching long trunks, so you know, Angel doesn’t tear off his pants in the middle of the match anymore. That gimmick is over.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to WWE to see how far the company pushes Angel and Humberto. Any win against a former world champion on television is huge, let alone two of them. The Lethal Lovers could be on their way to more huge matches soon.

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