Jaxson Ryker had a run that’s pretty much forgettable in the WWE. The main man of “The Forgotten Sons” was pulled from from television due to the controversial comments he made at the height of the Black Lives Matter moment. He was released shortly thereafter.

Ryker, real name Chad Lail, addressed the backlash he received during a recent episode of his “Wrestling For The Faith” podcast. He also talked about going public with his support for former President Donald Trump. Below is Ryker’s take from the whole Donald Trump support fiasco:

“You know, I wasn’t one of those who was trying to bash anybody else. I was simply putting out my support for a president that I thought was doing a good job for this country. Gas prices were down, unemployment was down, jobs were up. So much going on, that the economy was flourishing. You can do the studies and look at it.

“And that was just my tweet, to basically show my support which the funny thing is prior to that, Lord, I mean, even I was looking through some history of things. I mean, I would tweet or Instagram certain things about Donald Trump. But for some reason that day, and I believe you touched on it before we started some things that were going on in America at the time, I tweeted my support for him before.


“So to me, there was nothing wrong with that tweet, there was no racial undertone. There was no jabs, there was nothing but me saying God bless America, and thankful for the President of the United States that we had at the time. And like I said, I served four years in the Marine Corps from ’02 to ’06. Does that give me a right to be an idiot on social media and go out and say stupid stuff?

“Absolutely not. But does it give me a right to support a president that I voted for? I do believe it was and look, we’ve never talked about it. First time right here, people getting a chance to hear about it. I’m excited to kind of let it out. But I could see if there was something wrong with that tweet but in my eyes, I said nothing wrong and so that’s where I stand on it man.”

As mentioned, the former U.S. marine got great heat for pro-Trump comments. Fellow Forgotten Son Steve Cutler admitted Ryker’s tweet affected the team’s push on the main roster.

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