Ryback has every intention on returning to professional wrestling. The Big Guy got a lot of buzz after MJF dropped his name on a December episode of AEW Dynamite. Ryback himself has alluded to the fact that he would work for AEW several times in the past.

As he recovers from COVID-19, Ryback once again found his name trending on social media. This happened despite his repeated claims that WWE has conspired with several major social sites to silence him due to his controversial takes on vaccination and politics. Today, the trend started when an AEW star sarcastically named him as Tony Khan’s major surprise signing.

Tony Nese got the ball rolling with his initial tweet. From there, fans reacted with laughter and horror over the idea that Ryback could be the man who walks through the forbidden door. For a wrestler who believes he is being actively censored, there were plenty of people talking about him.

“I’m not sure if it’s related, but I keep hearing someone yell “feed me more” from a locked office.”


“There are several Aew trending topics already, with hours to go. So the interest is there. It had better not be Cody Rhodes or Ryback level, else the internet might melt down.”

“I may watch aew just to see the fans get pissed when Ryback shows up.”

“If ryback debuts in aew tonight I will delete my account”

Ryback says he is feeling better after his positive COVID test. The Big Guy lost nearly ten pounds and suffered difficulty breathing, but said his experience was mild. Ryback credits his 100% controlled substance free supplement line for boosting his immunity to the max and helping him overcome the virus. Now he will attempt to overcome being the made the subject of fun by Tony Nese.

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