Ronda Rousey returned to WWE in the recent women’s Royal Rumble Match. The Rowdy One outlasted Charlotte Flair to punch her ticket to WrestleMania main event. Many fans felt like Ronda appeared to be phoning it in after she first arrived back on the scene.

Rousey had to be pulled aside and given a quick refresher on wrestling psychology. Ronda was reminded that she’s not supposed to be a heel. All of the reactions from the crowd are based on what she’s doing.

It’s hard to imagine Ronda Rousey getting a negative reaction from WWE fans. Ronda is one of the biggest outside stars to ever make the crossover into pro wrestling. There needs to be some tweaking done if Rousey’s latest run is going to work. Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“She [Ronda Rousey] wants to be there. She doesn’t have to do this… She hates the fans because of them turning on her, but you have to let that go. I presume somebody explained to her… I know people talked to her about certain things. But, it was explained that you have to let that go. Because, if you’re going to be bitter about that… You’re not supposed to be a heel and if you’re bitter at the fans you’re not going to be a very good babyface. She was way, way better.


You know, one thing that was very interesting, as somebody who was there live had mentioned to me. When they kept showing the graphics over and over, you know, ‘Ronda Rousey coming’ and all this, it seemed like there was no reaction to her and the graphic.”

WWE is counting on Ronda Rousey for at least one WrestleMania main event. She will likely be booked for a second next year with Becky Lynch. A failure to adjust to keep Ronda over with fans could be a long-term disaster for WWE. Hopefully they get it right as WrestleMania season heats up.

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