AJ Styles is certainly a true veteran in the professional wrestling world. He has honed his craft in numerous ways over the years, including his promo skills.

AJ Styles has especially improved his skills on the microphone in his years in WWE. Before that, many fans felt he was lacking in that department.

Nowadays in WWE, most Superstars are always handed a script which they have to remember and speak as part of their promos. A large section of the WWE Universe is not a fan of scripted promos as they feel it highly restricts the characters of WWE Superstars.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, AJ Styles talked about scripts WWE talents are given to read. Reports have suggested that talents read and recite scripts word for word but AJ Styles shot down those reports.


“I take what’s given, and sure I’ll suggest things, but I take what’s given and make it my own. A lot of people say, ‘word for word,’ but that’s not me, because the writers are not from Gainsville, Georgia, so that’s not how AJ Styles will talk in a promo. I have to change it and make it my own. And truth is, it is a lot easier to remember if you do that. There’s a lot of things being said about that, and I’ll just make sure everybody knows the facts. I don’t say it word for word. I do not do it.”

Lately some WWE Superstars are given more freedom in their promos, so we will have to see if the company will eventually be more lenient with their scripts.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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