Many consider Triple H a legend in the pro wrestling world and is one of the most important figures in the company’s history. He was an integral part of the Attitude Era. His career spanned several World Title reigns and memorable moments throughout the years. 

Triple H is also infamous for burying fellow pro wrestlers and there are multiple instances of that taking place, even as early as his DX days. It was said that he even refused to put over D’Lo Brown during an important feud.

He was also the biggest reason behind NXT’s growth over the past few years, as many fans consider the older version of NXT his brainchild. While speaking to CBS Sports, Karrion Kross talked about working with his idols like Triple H and Shawn Michaels. He gave huge props to Triple H for never playing favorites backstage in NXT.

‘To me, he is a natural leader. He was not someone who ever had to raise his voice. He’s not someone who ever had to get angry for people to listen to him. He was a person where I would come into work and he would be completely focused with each and every person he was working with. I never saw him play favorites.”


It was also said that Triple H is unlikely to ever wrestle again. Triple H’s cardiac event was also said to have been very, very, very serious. We will have to wait and see when The King Of Kings will make his return to the company as it is unlikely he will ever leave WWE.

H/T WrestlingNews

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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