Nia Jax was one of the top Superstars on the main roster after she was called up back in 2016. Before that, she also had a good run on NXT as she faced off against top talents. It seems she opened up about jumpstarting one of the most significant moments in Becky Lynch’s career.

The Rock’s cousin also won titles as a simples competitor and tag team as well. On top of that, Jax gained a bad reputation for being an unsafe worker and having injured several of her peers over the years.

2018 was certainly the most significant year for Becky Lynch as it led to her rise to Superstardom after she suffered a legitimate concussion at the hands of Nia Jax just before Survivor Series 2018. Jax legitimately punched Becky Lynch in the face during the scuffle on Monday Night RAW.

While speaking on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions podcast, Nia Jax opened up about busting open Becky Lynch. Jax revealed that a WWE producer told her to make the brawl look real. While being hit with a lot of punches in the corner, Jax hit Becky Lynch in frustration but thought she had actually hit Lana.

“It was right before Survivor Series, where I think her and Ronda were going to have a singles. SmackDown was invading RAW. The producer of that match, won’t name names, basically was like, ‘This needs to look real, say sorry later.’ We were all like, ‘Okay, cool, let’s go, let’s have fun, whatever.

I continue to get punched in the back of my head, and I was like, ‘Good lord,’ so I just turn around and I really go to clear the person. My fist was not closed, I did not punch her intentionally, but it did connect. I was not even aware that it was Becky. I honestly thought it was Lana.” 

Nia Jax was released by WWE last year and since then she has been keeping herself busy in a variety of fields instead of professional wrestling. On the other hand, Becky Lynch worked hard to get where she is in WWE. Her meteoric rise simply goes to show how unpredictable the world of professional wrestling can be.

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