Davey Richards is veteran of the pro wrestling business and he is used to being on camera. A video surfaced of Richards that is 100% NSFW and it also ended up on a site that he did not approve of.

Richards, appearing as “Adrian Lawrence,” was seen on a homoerotic website. This video shows him nude and alone. We can’t say exactly what he’s doing in the video without upsetting advertisers, but he’s doing something that guys sometimes do when they’re alone.

Davey Richards already commented on this video via social media. He did not film it with the intention of it ending up on a gay porn website. Instead, he filmed it for his wife.

Well lol the vid was supposed to be a private one for my wife that apparently is now not so private lol Oh well, it’s a wiener- they can look if it makes their day. But no, I don’t do porn – well pro wrestling can be … meh nm. I should have sold that to get paid. Wieners = $$$


David Bixenspan commented on this situation. He proposed that if some studio broke an agreement then that is pretty “f*cked up” indeed.

If some porn studio broke an agreement with Davey Richards after he worked with them to have a well produced private video for his wife, then that’s beyond f*cked up and he should sue the shit out of them. I hope he has everything possible in writing.

It obviously wouldn’t have been anyone’s immediate guess as to anyone’s origin of the video, but now that it’s being made more clear that this is a thing that happens…ugh.

The website has already deleted this NSFW video of Davey Richards. Hopefully, they don’t use it for any more means except for the one it was intended for. We also hope Richards’ wife enjoyed the video because of all the trouble it caused.

We will have to see if this goes away or if fans won’t let Davey Richards forget about Adrian Lawrence just like Lars Sullivan’s career is haunted by memories of Mitch Bennett.

H Jenkins

H Jeknins is a News Correspondent at Ringside News, keeping wrestling fans updated with timely and accurate reports on all things wrestling.

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