Braun Strowman was a force to be reckoned with back in WWE. He achieved quite an important status until he was untimely released by the promotion. He’s been focusing on many side projects ever since then.

Adam Scherr (Strowman) recently appeared in an interview with CBS Sports. He talked about a lot of things such as working with Killer Kross, as well as his relationship with pro wrestling companies.

Scherr talked about the involvement of Killer Kross as well as Qatar on the wrestling business. While he was not thorough over the details, he said that Killer Kross was in on it.

You’ll be seeing a lot more rolling out moving forward. Kross is on the card as well in Qatar. This is going to be part of our next step in the awakening of the wrestling business. There is a lot of stuff that is on the hush-hush right now. I’ll give you a little hint, he’s in on it.

Scherr also talked about whether he wants a long term deal for the wrestling company or not. He said that he’s not looking for a long term deal because he wants to enjoy his time and wrestling. He added that working for eight years straight took a toll on him while he was with WWE.

I’m not looking for a full-time signing. I’ll put that right there and nip that in the bud right off the get-go. I’m looking to enjoy some of my time. I love the art of professional wrestling and eight years with WWE was very time-consuming. I was very, very blessed with the opportunities that I had. I got to see the world and all these things. But it’s been nice having these last six months to take a step back and breathe for a second. I forgot about all these little things in life that mean so much. Time flies by and you forget about it. You don’t get a chance to do it. So I’m catching up on spending time with my family and loved ones. Working on my mental health and my physical health. Working on the tolls of eight years of being a WWE superstar… Getting a little reset on that and looking to have fun. Being full-time on TV every week, I’m not going to lie, it’s stressful. It’s nice not having that added stress element every week. Right now, I’m just looking to enjoy my time. Have fun, sell out some buildings, raise some money for some charities, and just go out there and do what I do, and that’s put smiles on people’s faces.

The former WWE superstar has been fairly open about his own mental health troubles as well. That led to him discussing his mental health as well as the launch of his mental health app Diskuss. He also discussed Mojo Rawley as well as his own controversial tweet about independent wrestlers being affected by the pandemic. Check out the interview down below.

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