By now we’ve covered Killer Kross’ sentiments about his main roster call-up in depth, but overall, he re-iterates that the entire thing just felt wrong from the get-go. The fan’s perspective was quite similar, but for the man formerly known in NXT/WWE as Karrion Kross, it must have been a lot worse. It seems that he was essentially in a vehicle without a steering wheel the entire time.

Things started to feel wrong for him when he was told that his debut would be a losing match to one of his idols, Jeff Hardy. He agreed, but a debut from someone in NXT, with a loss right out of the gate set things off on the wrong foot. He went into all of this in detail with Renee Paquette on her podcast Oral Sessions.

“When I went up and they asked me to do the match with Jeff and put him over, I was like ‘sure, that’s fine.’ I grew up a fan of Jeff, and then getting to meet Jeff and him being really cool was an awesome experience to me. He’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. So I was like ‘that’s fine’, and one of the agents came in and said ‘there’s a long-term plan for this. Don’t sweat it.’ I’m like ‘okay cool.’

I do my entrance and I get out there. The ref comes to me and goes ‘hey, your ten-minute match is down to 90 seconds.’ The first time we’re working on television. We don’t really know each other in the ring, our rhythm. They come back from commercials and I’m trying not to laugh. If you go back and watch it I’m smiling, closed mouth, trying to hold it back. Soon as Jeff got in the ring, I just snatched him and told him what we needed to do, and that was it.


When I went back to NXT the next day, I spoke to someone there. And I just said ‘look, my biggest fear right now, my biggest phobia is there’s a hole being dug for me. And I’m nervous that if I’m not permitted to crawl out of it myself and people absolve themselves of creating the situation, I’m not going to be a return as an investment. I’m going to get fired. So what do you think I should do right now?

Because part of this business is doing what you’re told.’ My intuition, intuitively, was telling me that everything was off. Everything felt wrong and I felt something bad coming, like four months before it happened. But everyone I would talk to was like ‘oh no. Everybody loves you. It’s good. You have no problems, yada, yada, yada.’ But I felt it coming. I tried to, as professionally, politely as I could, talk to people in the chain of command about that. And I just tried to be a good sport about everything.”

So essentially, Kross saw the writing on the wall, and that was from the very first match on that main roster. The ordeal was felt by many, even Mick Foley, who mentioned Kross’ main roster call-up in his viral video from a few months back – albeit a controversial one – entitled: WWE – We’ve Got A Problem.

Kross and his wife Scarlett Bordeaux were released together and he has stated that that was a blessing in disguise, but the fact that he’s being vocal about just how wrong the whole main roster call-up felt for him as an individual, is shedding quite a bit of light on the whole interlude in his life as a pro wrestler. Many are excited to see where he ends up next.

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