Ricochet is recognized as one of the best technical wrestlers in WWE. While the superstar does not garner as much attention as other WWE superstars, Ricochet has made a strong name for himself alone for his technical performance. That does not sit very well with others at all.

Mustafa Ali is at the forefront of showing his disapproval. While he is often voicing out about his take on many aspects of WWE, it seems that Ricochet’s place alongside him is something that fans often commend.

Ali has been off WWE programming for a while. As he took his leave to celebrate the birth of his third child, it turned out that it wasn’t the only reason behind him leaving. A deeply political gimmick that Ali wanted to pull off was sidelined by Vince McMahon himself. After an argument ensued between the two, it seemed that his time in the company is up.

Mustafa Ali is no longer tolerating how things are done in another way of how he wants them to be. Regardless, his request to be released recently shocked his fans. Ricochet also appears to be in the fold, because of his performance alongside Ali several times before.


Ever since Ali has announced that he wants to get a release from the promotion. Ricochet has also been trending on Twitter for a variety of reasons. While one fan tweeted about one of the biggest attractions the two put together despite not being the main event, others noted that they both don’t get enough appreciation from the promotion.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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