Isiah “Swerve” Scott, otherwise known as Shane Strickland, was released by WWE this past fall. Of course that’s old news by now, but Strickland, who is quite active on social media, posted an indicative video on Twitter – one that hints at a possible return to an old incarnation of his days in Lucha Underground.

Those that know his career know full well that Strickland spent the entirety of the four season run of Lucha Underground with the company. It was in that promotion that he wrestled under the ‘Killshot’ character. The character, as so many of the characters in that company, was cinematic in scope – almost superhero-like, or even supervillain-like, depending on how you look at it.

The details of the character are cinematic to the bone: A former sniper in the military. He entered the realm of professional wrestling to bury his past deeply in the recesses of his mind, but his military mind and assassin-like temperament came out many a time in Lucha, as he delivered mayhem often in the ring.

It was during his time in Lucha Underground though, that he was unmasked. He actually unmasked himself after losing to Son Of Havoc. The promotion was full of stuff like that that really has many fans scratching their heads as to the company’s demise. Anyways, we can’t cry over spilt milk, as the saying goes, but man we can sure relive the memories.


His no-compete clause with WWE ends in February. No news as to where he’s headed next in wrestling, but the release from WWE was hard on him as he stated soon after that release. It was on his own podcast Swerve City, that he stated:

“At first, when the releases happened, I was upset. It was more of an embarrassment to my family because I felt like, I was like, ‘I let them down,’ because I talked up so much about how everything was going to be okay. Everything is going to be — I’m going to exceed the expectations, we’re doing something that’s never been done.

It felt like it was like, no, it’s thrown back in my face. But I looked around, it took me a couple of days, two days. I looked around and got on the phone with my man (Teasy Scott), talked to my people, and we talked about all the possibilities that are out there right now.”

In the video he posted on Twitter, he is seen shooting an automatic weapon out of the window of a moving vehicle. He unmasks as well by the end of it. It’s unclear as to if this means that he will be reprising that role or reincarnating that character with another promotion, but odds are looking good on that front…the characteristics of the Killshot character showing through big time.

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