WWE recently fired a shot at AEW’s content, calling it gory and violent. Vince McMahon even went so far to question whether all of the violence is okay with TNT, the network that runs a portion of AEW’s programing! Of course we reported on this yesterday, but now, AEW stars have responded to the accusations.

In a string of tweets on Twitter, the stars that were primarily targeted by WWE in their aforementioned comments, which we will share below, responded, including Anna Jay, Tay Conti, Penelope Ford and The Bunny. They were attacked specifically because of the street fight they put on on a December 31st episode of Rampage.

“If you look at the gory self-mutilation that bloodied several women in the December 31 event on TNT, it quickly becomes clear that these are very different businesses.

We’re hoping that they don’t go on with blood and guts and gory things that they have been doing, which would be bad, And I can’t imagine, I can’t speak for TNT, but I can’t imagine they’d put up with that.”


The first part of those comments come from an ambiguous representative of WWE. Specifically though, that last portion of those comments was from Vince McMahon himself, he asking outright if TNT was okay with the product as it stands and doubting it outright – the comments coming from a WWE earnings call that took place as early as 2019, reports f4wonline.

As can be seen though, by the tweets from the AEW stars, the ladies and AEW as a whole are taking the shade thrown to them by WWE and letting it roll right off their perfectly capable backs. They’re proud of what they accomplished, as they should be.

After all , they had the courage to push past the boundaries set upon them in women’s wrestling overall, and they went to a place that WWE has been evidently quite afraid of going to with any portion of its roster – male or female – for quite a while.

Domenic Marinelli

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