Kairi Sane recently removed the WWE from her Instagram name. She also updated her profile to read “Former #WWE Superstar.” Kairi Sane’s departure from WWE in February does not appear to be a foregone conclusion just yet.

According to Fightful, earlier this month’s rumors claiming that Sane’s WWE contract was set to expire in February omitted crucial specifics. There is still a chance she will re-sign with the company, but the majority of her coworkers believe the contract will expire.

According to the same sources, the optimism that Sane would resign that existed when she returned to Japan to serve as an ambassador is no longer present. Part of this is likely due to the cancellation of plans to build several WWE Performance Centers around the world, including in Japan.

Kairi has worked in Japan for a little over a year in the same job and has also provided some commentary. Fightful also mentioned that their sources were first promised that Kairi Sane will make her debut in All Elite Wrestling with “little to no concern.” One higher-up in the company even went as far as to make a bold statement

That was so far off of her radar at that point, it didn’t seem like something we really needed to worry about.

Sane is not expected to sign a full-time deal with AEW, according to a follow-up conversation with the same higher-up. They wouldn’t be astonished if she did make an appearance in the company at some point. Sane had previously expressed interest in working a Stardom show in Japan, but WWE turned him down.

If she remains interested once her WWE contract expires, she may stay in Japan and work part-time for AEW if travel restrictions relax. Stardom is apparently interested in bringing Sane back to the firm, although no new conversations have been reported between the two sides. Stay tuned for more updates on Kairi Sane.

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