Will Ospreay’s move to AEW last year created lots of hype in the wrestling world, as it marked his transition to a full-time role with AEW. He even explained why he chose AEW over WWE, defending his decision in light of all the discourse surrounding his decision.

During AEW Full Gear, Ospreay made waves with a significant announcement, revealing his intention to join AEW as a full-time competitor following the conclusion of his commitments with NJPW, slated to wrap up in February.

When Ospreay signed with AEW, many people berated him for not signing with WWE instead and running away from the grind. The discourse came to a point that now even Ospreay had to address it.

While speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Will Ospreay mentioned that people seem happy to see someone joining AEW who genuinely enjoys being at work. He expressed his own enthusiasm, saying he is thrilled to be working there. According to him, it’s an exciting time, and many don’t realize the opportunities AEW offers. He explained that there was a time when this kind of opportunity didn’t exist—it was all about WWE, Japan, Ring of Honor, and TNA.


Ospreay added that joining AEW felt special, especially because he had no intention of joining WWE. He said that while there were discussions about it, his family situation wouldn’t allow for a move or relocation, especially since his kids had just started school.

“I think generally people are actually happy to see somebody coming to AEW and is actually happy to be at work. I’m actually generally excited to be at work. This is great, and I don’t think people realize the opportunities we have. Once upon a time, this didn’t exist—it was just WWE, Japan, Ring of Honor, and TNA. So, for me, coming in here… I was never going to go to WWE. I mean, there was talk about it, but just the position that I’m in right now with my family—I don’t want to move, I don’t want to relocate. My kids just started school.

Will Ospreay then noted how if they actually looked into his and his partner’s journey within pro wrestling, it is talked about in their country but not anywhere else. Ultimately, the traveling situation was far favorable for him and that fact he could be on national TV and have a great run in AEW, adding that he is generally a happy person and it takes a lot to actually anger him.

“If you generally dug into my life and my partner’s journey within pro wrestling, it’s like it’s talked about through our country, but it hasn’t reached anywhere else. My main focus is making sure that she’s all right, that my family and her family and her social circle are within reach. I can enjoy the travel; I’ve been doing it for bloody ages. So, for me now, it’s like I get to come in here, and I’m on national TV. I generally thought I’d never be in this position. I thought I was just going to be the kid in Japan for the rest of my life, and I was happy with that. I was more than happy to be the kid in Japan.

“But this opportunity came up, and I just couldn’t turn it down because every single time I’ve come here, I’ve really enjoyed myself. It’s just one of those things where I was like, ‘What could I do if I was a part of this full time?’ That excites me—the idea of wrestling all these guys and being part of this fan base that has heard rumors about what I could do. The first day I came here, I knocked it out of the park. I grabbed the ball, brought it back, and said, ‘Go set me up for another one!’ I’m just happy to be here. I feel like that translates in my promos, in who I am as a person. I don’t know, I’m a very happy person. It takes a lot to f*** me off.”

Ringside News also clarified Triple H’s perspective on Ospreay and the successful WWE deal. Nonetheless, The Aerial Assassin is more than happy with his decision to sign with AEW and that is truly all that matters to him in the end.

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