John Cena has reached a level of fame and success that transcends wrestling. Cena played Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad over the summer. The Champ even got his own HBO Max spinoff series as the edgy superhero. It’s been a long journey from his Dr. of Thuganomics days in WWE.

Cena revisited the gimmick briefly in his Firefly Funhouse match at Wrestlemania 36. The creepy Bray Wyatt created a hellscape of Cena’s entire career as a way to send him off to Hollywood. It was a huge nostalgia moment for the WWE Universe.

John Cena recently did an interview with Pardon My Take. There, Cena was asked about the Thuganomics gimmick. There was no definitive answer given, but John didn’t rule a return of the character completely.

“Over the years, you’ve actually seen more of the good [version of] ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’ than over the past 10 years. The appearance in the Firefly Funhouse match, the appearance at WrestleMania with Elias.


It’s almost like that character has taken on a sense of nostalgia itself. So when it shows up, it’s a thing that gets people excited. So, never say never.”

John Cena’s Peacemaker recently debuted on HBO Max. The DC Comics character has a lot of similarities to Cena’s brash early character. WWE fans who are nostalgic for that era of wrestling would love to see the gimmick return.

Would you like to see a return of The Doctor of Thuganomics? Let us know in the comments.

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