Rob Van Dam was one of the most popular wrestlers of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. RVD’s run in ECW is the stuff of legend. Van Dam then went on to massive success in WWE and TNA. The Whole F’n Show has no plans to re-emerge on the national scene right now, though.

RVD was recently featured in the documentary, “Headstrong.” The film went into the memory issues that Van Dam has been having in the wake of his full-time wrestling career. The network Reelz recently aired the movie.

Van Dam sat down with former WWE rival Rene Dupree on Cafe de Rene. RVD talked about his plans for a future in wrestling. Independent bookers with enough money can bring him in for a match. WWE and AEW probably won’t be happening any time soon. Rob also teased his next television appearance.

“I’m not sure if you said WWE or AEW, but the answer be the same on either one. Nobody. I’m not talking to anybody that’s significant. I’m still doin’ some shots I’m still wrestling, you know, but it’s indie stuff now, and usually, it’s people overseas that can they can afford RVD’s rate over the regular running indies…


The only thing I can think of as far as next time that I would expect to see me pop up on TV, not being a rerun would be — I don’t think I could talk about this. Well, let’s just say I did a show that rhymes with ‘Rawtopsy.’ One that everyone will wanna watch because it’s about one of our brothers. So but that’s supposed to be airing in spring or whatever. Always got a lot of stuff going on, but I cannot tell you where to watch for me on a wrestling show, because no plans to speak of as of right now.”

Rob Van Dam is likely referring to the series “Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…” The show looks at the causes of celebrity deaths. There is plenty of material to pick from in the world of professional wrestling. The show has covered Randy Savage, Chris Benoit, and Chyna in the past. Fans looking for their RVD fix should keep their eyes peeled on Reelz.

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