WWE Hall of Famer RVD is still regarded as one of the most technically gifted professional wrestlers of all time. During his thirty-year career, the pro wrestling superstar has wrestled in variety of promotions including ECW, WCW, WWE, and IMPACT Wrestling. After WWE purchased both bankrupt firms, Rob Van Dam was one of the few crossover superstars to emerge from the WCW/ECW invasion angle.

Fans adored his laid-back, cool demeanor and easygoing attitude. His acrobatic moves and excellent banging earned him a fan favorite among the company’s staff. Rob Van Dam has always been free spirit. He recently opened up about his time in WWE.

This week, Rob Van Dam (RVD) made a guest appearance on Rene Dupree’s podcast, Cafe De Rene. He discussed many topics related to his wrestling career. During the interview, the WWE Hall Of Famer discussed how he never felt at ease in WWE.

For some reason, I was never really comfortable in WWE. People are like, every time someone gets fired now, which I mean is pretty crazy now how often they’ve been doing that, but the world is always shocked, like, ‘Oh my God.’ Even when I was champion, I never felt untouchable. They humbled me so much. They would give you plans, ‘We’re going to do this’ and psyche. After so much of that, it humbled me to where I’m like,‘Oh, I’m not fired. That’s cool.’


RVD was specifically uncomfortable with the rude uncertainty that lingered in WWE. Any superstar can be fired at any moment. It doesn’t matter if that superstar felt untouchable in the past, the stories can change in the blink of an eye. This disloyalty from the promotion never allowed RVD to have the feeling of being at home.

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