Trevor Murdoch is no stranger to WWE. The current NWA World Heavyweight Champion sure paid his dues in the professional wrestling business, even having endured quite the odd relationship with WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon during his time there.

The old school wrestler started in 1999 and ended up in WWE as soon as 2005. His run would last until 2008, but as he recalled on a recent episode of “My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox” he let one and all know that his time there wasn’t at all sunshine and rainbows.

“The interactions I did have with Vince were a little strange. One time, Lance (Cade) and I were talking to a writer outside of gorilla about ideas. Vince got mad at somebody that was in the ring while TV was going on and left gorilla. Lance and I were the first two guys that he saw and just started chewing on us saying, ‘My newest, youngest tag team isn’t even watching the show. What the f**k’, …

Just cussing us making this big scene in the locker room about us not watching the show, even though we had been watching the show the whole time and we saw a writer walk by and we thought, ‘Hey, here’s our opportunity. Let’s talk to him for a minute.’ None of that mattered. It really threw me off and I thought, ‘What an a**hole.


Then there were times when things weren’t going well for us on TV, I tracked him down, I sat down with him and I had an honest conversation, and he was honest and upfront with me. He’s just a weird cat to get to know and understand, and I never was able to build that personal relationship with him. Maybe that’s why I didn’t last any longer than four years, but I just could never get over that bridge of getting to know who he was and getting close to him.

I had a very weird relationship. I assumed when I got with the company that I would go in and meet the boss, talk to him, and get whatever I’m here to do lined up in that direction. I was there for like three or four months before I had my first conversation with Vince. He has a lot of people surrounding him, and a lot of people that want his attention.” 

Murdoch trained at the heralded Harley Race Wrestling Academy and has made prominent stops in TNA, IWA Mid-South and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. It was in WWE that he was in a tag team with Lance Cade, as you may remember, dear readers. They won the tag team championships in WWE a total of 3 times.

On a possible return to the land of McMahon, Murdoch stated that he is positively never going back and it has nothing to do with money. He states that he just wants to work in a happy environment and specifically stated that his soul wasn’t at all worth a couple hundred thousand a year. Impressive standards indeed. Kudos to Trevor Murdoch. Essentially he wouldn’t sell his soul to the devil – even for another chance at a run on the grandest stage.

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Domenic Marinelli

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