Danhausen is one of wrestling’s hottest free agents. The peculiar interdimensional traveler has been building a huge brand and merchandise empire without ever appearing on a major national wrestling show. Danhausen has also been rubbing elbows with the A-list of professional wrestling.

The very nice, very evil star recently spent a weekend with CM Punk at a convention in Chicago. Danhausen had lot of fun with the Second City Saint. Punk was even listed on Danhausen’s recent job application for A&W as his best friend.

Not even WWE superstars are immune to the allure of Danhausen. Plotting to take over the world and become very rich requires major influencers to be on your side. Danhausen recently had that opportunity when he met John Cena. Danhausen told Bleacher Report that he had to take some extra precautions to avoid Armageddon.

“We had a force field between us. Here’s the thing: There was a force field between us because you cannot have the power of John Cena and Danhausen collide. There was a force-breaker and it kept all of our powers in check because otherwise the universe would’ve gone boom.”


Danhausen is referring to the COVID-19 shield that was visible in the photo when the pair met at New York Comicon. The mysterious wrestler loves to create obscure pieces of lure to explain everyday occurrences. The comedy is a huge part of Danhausen’s appeal.

Fanhausens have been watching his every move since suffering a broken leg on Halloween. Danhausen has been working hard and hopes to resurface some time in February. In the meantime, he will be serving up some classic American food since he was hired by A&W restaurants.

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