Bianca Belair was certainly swindled out of her chance at facing Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble for the Raw Women’s Championship. It was during the main event last night on Raw, that Becky Lynch would end any chances of Bianca Belair facing her for the belt she holds up so proudly. Now…Bianca Belair has decided to speak out about what went down.

The match had been made last week…pitting Belair against Liv Morgan and Doudrop. The winner would of course face Lynch for the title at the Rumble. Belair did her best in the Triple Threat match last night before Becky – who was on commentary – interfered – wrecking Belair’s chances at the win.

Doudrop came out victorious, and will be Becky’s opponent at the Rumble which is going down at the end of January. As so many pro wrestlers do these days, Belair took to social media to voice her beefs on the subject, and this is what she had to say:

“Still trying to process tonight…Wow…@BeckyLynch…But no excuses…Go do your thing at #RoyalRumble @DoudropWWE…my beef not even with you. I’m not letting up! #ESTofWWE”


This is definitely building to something on a larger scale, as many have speculated that this could mean that they’re holding onto the match a bit – putting it off in essence for right now. The common thought is that WWE is planning to have the main event for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania instead, and the person facing Lynch in that match could very well be Bianca Belair.

The road to WrestleMania is full of ups downs and a lot of questions, but when the writing shows up on the wall, it’s pretty much written there in fiery glitter for all to see, and this one looks like a shoo-in for Mania. Which means that Doudrop doesn’t stand a chance at the Rumble, which is sad for her fans and supporters.

Really WWE is just trying to capitalize on Belair’s popularity and her match against Sasha Banks from last year’s Mania stole the show according to some, so they’re trying to get that same momentum built. Of course all of this remains to be seen.

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