WWE surprised everyone when they went ahead and announced a bunch of entrants for the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match. Mickie James was among those names and then they namedropped Impact Wrestling and the Knockouts Championship on WWE television. This got fans chattering for many reasons.

Ringside News asked around about Mickie James coming back for the Royal Rumble match. We also asked about the conspiracy that is becoming far too popular online which says WWE is working with Impact Wrestling to slight AEW.

We were told that the conspiracy theory of WWE working with Impact Wrestling to get back at AEW is not accurate. WWE’s deal with Impact Wrestling came along for much different reasons.

A tenured member of the team told us that, “we need 30 women for the Rumble. Mickie left on bad terms with the whole Carrano thing. So when Laurinaitis reached out for her to be in the Rumble, she told him she’s under contract to Impact. That’s not an issue anymore.”


We were told that “Vince doesn’t care” and he even “okayed mentioning Impact [on-air] as part of the deal.” At this point there are “no borders.”

It seems that the Forbidden Door that nobody thought would open has finally cracked. We will have to see how often WWE brings in contracted talent from other companies, but it is not a deal breaker anymore.

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