Ric Flair has been one of the biggest draws for WWE. The veteran was highly instrumental to the promotion back in the day. However, he’s been out of WWE since a while now. However, that does not stop him from having opinions on his former colleagues.

Goldberg is currently one of the biggest WWE veterans who are active in the ring. The former WCW legend still retains a menacing physique, so it only makes sense that WWE will push him for 5-star matches. His fame also helps in making that arrangement work, but Ric Flair says that Goldberg does not strictly even need the 5-star matches.

Ric Flair spoke on his WOOOOO Nation Uncensored podcast about the trajectory of Bill Goldberg. He spoke about how Bill’s entrance in WCW, and how that paved the way for the superstar in WWE.

Bill’s look was so awesome and it was just at the right time. He came out, he was different from everybody, his music, his entrance, but the fans were conditioned to know they were going to see something that was action packed with Bill, whether it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes, something big was going to happen.


Flair then talked about how he helped Goldberg be a part of WWF. However, he added that he feels Goldberg was better upon his returned than his entry. He said that everyone supported Bill, but because he deserved it. He also gave Bill credit for drawing money, stating that Bill didn’t need high profile matches because of what he had made himself into.

I think he left on not that good of terms the first time, but he came back this time.  The guys that made a name for themselves that mean something, 10 years after they’ve been removed and can go back and mean something, those are the guys that are special and the fans should recognize that.  Whether they like their work, whether they’re critical of it or not, they deserve it and Bill has made himself worth it every time he’s come back. He drew money.  Five star matches mean nothing if you’re not drawing money.  We’ve seen a lot of five star matches that don’t draw money.

Goldberg does have a reputation for having massive matches whenever he comes around. He reportedly wanted to work with Bobby Lashley for years. He’s also behind giving Bron Breakker the training he need for both pro-wrestling as well as pro-football.

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