Becky Lynch is “The Man” for many WWE fans, but they aren’t calling her that on television anymore. There is a reason why Big Time Becks isn’t using that old name anymore.

The Man nickname was wrapped in controversy from the first time they used it on WWE television. Ric Flair wasn’t very happy about it, because he was saying for decades that you must beat The Man to be The Man.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it appears that WWE gave up the legal battle to keep The Man nickname. That is the reason why fans have noticed an absence of that name since Lynch’s return.

Evidently the reason Lynch is now Big Time Becks and not “The Man” is that WWE gave up in the legal fight over that term with Ric Flair. Flair noted on his show that she’s no longer “The Man” because he owns the rights to that name in pro wrestling.


We will have to see if WWE brings The Man nickname back. That was Becky Lynch’s nickname as a babyface, and a fine one that sold a ton of t-shirts. It’s all about intellectual property in today’s game, so it might have not been worth the fight with The Nature Boy’s attorneys.

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