Tony Khan certainly heard what Big Swole said about his company, and he’s not happy. Big Swole accused AEW of not being diverse, and she really let it all out. Now TK is not pulling any punches with his reply.

In case you need a refresher, Swole said, “Outside of [lack of structure] their BIGGEST issue, which is diversity. I do not beat around the bush when it comes to diversity and my people. There is no representation, truly, and when there is, it does not come across in the black community as genuine. At all. I don’t know why everybody is so afraid to accept it or say it, but it’s not a good look. What happens is, you have this wonderful company that treats people like family, but there is nobody that looks like me that is represented at the top and in the room with them. They are not helping to necessarily influence decisions, but to explain why certain slang and certain word shouldn’t be said. There is no one else who can explain our culture and experience except for us.”

Khan fired off a tweet directed at Big Swole. Before saying that he let Swole’s contract expire “because she wasn’t good enough,” Tony Khan pointed out just how diverse of a company AEW is.

The top 2 @AEW execs are brown (me & Megha)!! Jade, Bowens, Caster, Dante, Nyla, Isiah & Marq Quen all won on tv this month. The TBS Title Tournament has been very diverse. I let Swole’s contract expire as I felt her wrestling wasn’t good enough. #AEWRampage Street Fight TONIGHT!


We will have to see how this reply lands with pro wrestling fans. Obviously, some are going to feel a certain type of way about things. AEW diehards will also likely see nothing wrong with what Tony Khan said, but it is really catching a lot of attention on New Year’s Eve.

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