WWE fired several executives, coaches, and producers in recent memory. The company says the moves are made with the future of the NXT brand in mind. There were a lot of huge names let go in the latest round of cuts. Nobody seems safe from the corporate ax and that doesn’t create the best work environment.

William Regal, Road Dogg, and a slew of high-level corporate staffers have been let go. Fans see it as just more of the same from WWE. The company seems hell-bent on replacing the entire NXT payroll.

Mike Johnson of PW Insider reported on the internal reaction to the firings within WWE. The reactions range from anger to gallows humor. Nobody is happy about what is happening.

“I spoke to a few people who work within Titan Tower last night and this morning and many of them are befuddled, to say the least. Some admitted are angry. Some pointed out that once again, it’s not the company it was a few years ago. One even joked that it’s Nick Khan’s WWE, not Vince McMahon’s company, at this point and wondered what happens if Khan ever does falls out of favor, given that the company has been so gutted under Khan’s vision and should his vision ever end, what happens next and there would be some really awful growing pains in order to shift it to whatever the next gear might be.


A lot of the long-time employees are gone and a lot of people who have migrated over are Nick Khan knights. No one I spoke to yesterday and today were happy. Many were sad. Many were frustrated. Some don’t even know how to guess what might be next.”

Many are blaming Nick Khan for the dramatic restructuring of the company. WWE has gone all-in with their efforts to freshen up the brand. Tensions are running extremely high inside Titan Tower.

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